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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blogger R P K was today charged with sedition

Monday, 05 May 2008
An unconfirmed report has it that Raja Petra Kamarudin, a leader of the Malaysian blogger community, social activist cum political commentator, and the personality behind the now famous, may yet be arrested by the Police and charged under the Sedition Act for his recent article on the Altantuya murder.

I have also been told by another source that one of his writers will charged for sedition on May 6, 2008.

I appeal to all human rights lawyers and fans of Raja Petra and to stand by our man. The Badawi government only respects strong public sentiments against intimidation of loyal Malaysians who campaign for freedom, justice and democracy. We cannot stand by and watch on the sidelines. We could be next.

First they come and get the Raja, then they come and get intellects, then they come and get their supporters, and we do nothing, no protests, thinking that they do not concerned us, then they come and get us, there was nobody left to protest for us.

squeak, speak, roar!

laysia Today news portal webmaster Raja Petra Kamaruddin was today charged with sedition at the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court over an article which he wrote in his website.

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