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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Bala Interviews 3 Parts

View the interviews on this  youtube vid channel.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

From behind the walls of the A-G Chambers

When one senior prosecutor refused to fix up RPK’s sedition trial by falsifying the evidence he was removed from the case and within 24 hours transferred to a court that hears cases involving unpaid credit cards and car installments. That is what the A-G Chambers has been reduced to; a tool to fix up cases of those opposed to those who walk in the corridors of power. It is time, however, that those of us inside the A-G Chambers speak out and reveal the truth. And today we are going to do just that.


From Inside the A-G Chambers

Malaysians must be reminded that Gani Patail and Musa Hassan are today Malaysia's A-G and IGP respectively as a reward for fixing up Anwar Ibrahim in the Sodomy I trial in 1998-1999. They remain as the IGP and A-G under Najib's rule as a further reward for burying the Altantuya murder case for which Razak Baginda got away scot-free while RPK got charged for sedition and criminal defamation based on trumped-up charges and fabricated evidence.

To their mind, it should not be too difficult to get RPK convicted and stopped from being a nuisance to their plans. All they need is a police department, A-G Chambers and Judiciary working in tandem and in compliance to those who walk in the corridors of power in Putrajaya.

The modus operandi of fabricating evidence and amending the charges several times in the midst of a trial -- as what happened to Anwar -- have since become the SOP (standard operating procedure) in all cases where A-G Gani and IGP Musa are involved. That happens because: i) they fix up cases; ii) because of sheer incompetence, they don't know how to fix the cases properly; iii) they know the courts will still help them to fix these cases even if they botched up badly.
read more  >>

Friday, November 20, 2009

An Exposé - part 2

Life on the run is not as rosy as most imagine when one’s family has to suffer. Bala finds that the money means very little when family life and the children’s education are sacrificed. He decides to change all that and to regain his normal life but his ‘handlers’ have other ideas. He realises, therefore, he has to break away from them if he really wants to be free.  

 Part 4: Bala finds his life turned upside down

 Bala reveals that to date he was paid RM750,000 but the harassment continues and he feels more like a prisoner. He says he has come out of the closet so that the harassment can end and he can lead a normal life again. He just wants his life back. 

Part 5: I just want the harassment to end

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Exposé

What really happened in the 48 hours after PI Bala unveiled his first SD on 3 July 2008? Why did he sign a second SD that contradicted his first SD barely a few hours later? And where did he disappear to for more than a year just hours after signing his second SD? And which SD was signed under duress, the first or second? Today, Malaysia Today will answer all those questions that have been on the minds of Malaysians since July last year.

Bala is made to sign the 2nd SD and is bundled out of the country. From thereon they keep him on a tight leash and he no longer has control over what he can say or do. He discovers he has just entered a life of imprisonment; although without the normal bars and padlocks but still a prison nevertheless.

The Malaysian police catch up with Bala in Bangkok and ask to meet him. However, they are only interested in talking about the first SD and there is no discussion whatsoever about the second SD. The Malaysian police, therefore, know the truth but chose to bury it rather than take action.

Monday, November 9, 2009

NOTICE! Please go to the new site

Saturday, 07 November 2009 16:07

We have just launched our new site. Please go to

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In violation of the Federation Agreement

Malaysians must understand that it is a legal duty of the federal government to pay the states the money due to them as laid down in the Acts of Parliament and the various agreements signed since 1957. What the federal government is doing is unconstitutional and a violation of all these agreements.


Raja Petra Kamarudin 

ACT 144
Incorporating latest amendment - Act A842/1993

Date of Royal Assent: 30th July 1974
Date of publication in the Gazette: 22nd August 1974
Date of coming into operation: 1st October 1974, [P.U. (B) 501/74]

Long Title & Preamble
An Act to provide for exploration and exploitation of petroleum whether onshore or offshore by a Corporation in which will be vested the entire ownership in and the exclusive rights, powers, liberties and privileges in respect of the said petroleum, and to control the carrying on of downstream activities and development relating to petroleum and its products; to provide for the establishment of a Corporation under the Companies Act 1965 or under the law relating to the incorporation of companies and for the powers of that Corporation; and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Section 4. Cash payment by the Corporation
In return for the ownership and the rights, powers, liberties and privileges vested in it by virtue of this Act, the Corporation shall make to the Government of the Federation and the Government of any relevant State such cash payment as may be agreed between the parties concerned.

Does the picture now become clearer?

Monday, 02 November 2009 22:51

So Musa Hassan put into place a plan to get rid of Ramli Yusuff. And he fabricated charges against Ramli Yusuff so that his successor could be removed. And this would also mean Musa Hassan does not need to retire but can stay on as IGP.


Raja Petra Kamarudin 

“After Tan Sri Rahim (Noor) entered the lockup area, he stopped somewhere near the wooden door. He then lifted his fingers to his lips and raised both his hands to his eyes signalling to the person in front of him.”

“There were police officers standing at the counter. They were ASP Rodwan (Mohd Yusof) and Dato' Ramli (Yusuff). I cannot remember the others. I cannot remember whether there was any response to Tan Sri Rahim’s signal from the officers in front of him.”

Monday, October 19, 2009

Why the Pakatan Rakyat government was brought down in Perak.

Nazrin’s succession to the Perak throne depends on the goodwill of the federal government. But only if the state government is a Barisan Nasional government will there be this goodwill. If Pakatan Rakyat remains the state government, then expect Nazrin to pay the price when his time comes to succeed his father.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

We all know what happened in Perak. What many do not know is why it happened.

What was it that the Sultan and his family wanted which Pakatan Rakyat said no to and which Barisan Nasional has now said yes? Yes, let us see how in just a few months the Sultan and his family has suddenly become one of the richest royal families in Malaysia, of course, at the expense of Pakatan Rakyat.

1. Umno gave the Sultan a piece of state land known as lot 183578. The land is approximately 600 acres in size and is at Tanjong Tualang in the district of Kinta. This land has been parked under the name of the Sultan’s proxy, Mohamed Khaair Johari Hj Osman.

2. Umno gave the Sultan a 1,000-acre timber concession along the 11km Gerik-Kupang highway in Ulu Kenderong, Gerik, Hulu Perak. This concession was originally given to Universiti Utara Malaysia. However, it was later revoked and given to Pusat Kreatif Kanak-Kanak whose Chairman is Raja Datuk Seri Ashman Shah Ibni Sultan Azlan Shah.

3. Umno gave the Sultan seven timber concessions at compartments 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 and 49 in the Kenderong Forest Reserve in Hulu Perak. The seven lots, which come to approximately 600 acres, were parked under two proxy companies of the Sultan -- Syarikat Zotonjaya Sdn Bhd and Kibaran Wang Sdn Bhd.

4. Umno is about to approve a proposal for reforestation involving 10,781 hectares. 5,781 hectares is at the Gunung Besout Forest Reserve in Southern Perak while 5,000 hectares is at Pondok Tanjung in the Larut Matang district. The company that will get this huge project is Permatang Utama Sdn Bhd (company registration number 513583-D) whose Executive Chairman is Datuk Seri Ismail Farouk Abdullah, the Sultan’s son-in-law.

5. Further to that, Datuk Seri Ismail Farouk Abdullah was allowed to take over the state-owned Casuarina Hotel in Ipoh for a negotiated cut throat price of only RM43 million whereas it can fetch a far higher price on the open market. The hotel is located in one of the most prime land in Ipoh and just the empty land alone is worth a huge amount of money. more>>

The children of Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Yussuf Izzuddin Shah Ghafarullahu-Lah, the Sultan of Perak

From left: Tunku Datuk Seri Kamil Tunku Rijaldin and his wife Raja Datuk Seri Yong Sofia, Datuk Seri Mohd Salleh Ismail and his wife Raja Datuk Seri Azureen, Raja Muda Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah and his wife Tuanku Zara Salim, Raja Kechil Tengah Perak Raja Datuk Seri Ashman Shah and his wife Datin Seri Noraini Jane, Raja Datuk Seri Eleena and her husband Datuk Seri Ismail Farouk Abdullah.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MACC and gang sued for RM50 million

Lawyer Rosli Dahlan has sued 17 parties -- which include the Malaysian government, Utusan Malaysia, MACC and the A-G Chambers -- for alleged defamation, assault and false imprisonment. Let this 20-page document filed in court today tell the story of what Rosli was subjected to at the hands of the government and its officers. Whether he wins his case or not and whether he is awarded the RM50 million damages he is seeking is not crucial. What is would be that Rosli is able to tell his story and expose the MACC/AG and their lackeys for what they really are. And Rosli's story makes most interesting reading indeed. It is almost like a script from a Hollywood movie, except in this case it is real and not make-belief.


Raja Petra Kamarudin MORE >>

RPK Speaks His Mind - Insulting Islam? Please!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Your SAY : leaked PKFZ Papers

Leaked papers: Cabinet should resign

'I think what is at risk is the position of the many incompetent personalities involved who have grossly failed in their pledge to serve the rakyat.' more>>

Friday, September 11, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

You can’t fry the egg unless you first break the shell

Those who believe in the religion of Abraham will testify that the Holy Books tell us that even God Himself destroyed many times so that mankind would have a better future. Even God was not against destroying to rebuild.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Husni says tactics of political opposition can destroy the country

IPOH, Sept 5 — Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said the various tactics and political gimmicks used by the opposition to attack the Barisan Nasional (BN) can jeopardise efforts in developing the country's economy.

He said the actions by the opposition parties could destroy the country if the people were taken in by the opposition's gimmicks.

"They (the opposition) try to confuse the people by making various excuses to erode public confidence in the monarchy, judiciary, police force, military and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.”

"While the government is working very hard to boost the national economy and compete with the big powers, there are politicians and individuals who are still trying to influence the people to disagree with the government," he told reporters after a ceremony to hand over house keys and offer letters for a community housing programme, here today. He said the people must be more firm so that they would not be fooled by those who were attempting to find ways to reject the existing government.”

Ahmad Husni said this when commenting on the action of the opposition members of the Perak State Assembly in holding a 'State Assembly sitting' at a hotel, here on Wednesday. — Bernama


Ahmad Husni is a product of Umno. So of course he speaks like that -- with warped logic. To Umno, any Malay who opposes Umno is a traitor to the Malay race. This was how rulers of the old days used to think as well. To oppose the king means you are opposing God because the king is appointed by God. So, since Umno means Malay, then opposing Umno tantamount to opposing the Malay race. And Malays who oppose the Malay race are therefore traitors to their race.

And that is why we need PAS in spite of the idiosyncrasies they sometimes display. Umno has only one platform, Malay supremacy or Ketuanan Melayu. PAS can offer the Malays a second platform, Islam. And PAS can make the Malays understand that racism is forbidden in Islam.

Nevertheless, we have to make PAS understand that they need to live up to their slogan, Islam Untuk Semua (Islam For All). And that means, while they want to make Muslims better Muslims, in the same process they should not impose on others or deny others their rights to their religion as well.

What is happening in Shah Alam with regards to the Hindu temple, in a way, serves this objective. It is Umno that is so opposed to the relocation of the temple while the PKR and PAS people are trying very hard to bend over backwards to accommodate the Hindus. The PAS Member of Parliament for Shah Alam, Khalid Samad, even said he is prepared to lose the next election if it means he loses because he does the right thing in the interest of being fair. That displays a huge contrast between Umno and PAS.

Of course, many would rather overlook this important point and instead focus on the stupid statements that PAS makes like banning rock concerts and the like. But if you were to notice the ‘Take Beeer’ banner that the cow head protesters carried it is very clear the demonstration was as much anti-Pakatan Rakyat as it was anti-Hindu temples. And it was an Umno man who stepped on the cow head, not a PAS man.

And if this course of history involves chaos and turmoil and a collapsed economy so be it. This is because I believe that, the way Barisan Nasional is mismanaging our economy, the economy is headed for doom anyway. It is merely a matter of time. If we wait for the eventual collapse then there will be nothing left to salvage. This way, if it collapses now, at least there would still be something left to save.

So Ahmad Husni’s threat does not frighten me. We must first destroy to be able to build. Before we can plant we must first cut down the forest and burn the trees. Only then can we plant the food that will save mankind. Those who believe in the religion of Abraham will testify that the Holy Books tell us that even God Himself destroyed many times so that mankind would have a better future. Even God was not against destroying to rebuild.

And if it is good enough for God then it is good enough for me. As the Black Power movement would say: burn, baby, burn.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

How Samy and son made millions from the Indians

Khir Toyo, one time Menteri Besar of Selangor, said that it was Samy Vellu who ordered the destruction of the Hindu temple in Shah Alam. "Barat" Maniam said that Samy Vellu siphoned out Telekom shares worth more than RM100 million that belonged to the MIC. P. Chitrakala Vasu said that Samy Vellu siphoned out millions in cash from various charity funds. On Monday we will reveal documents of some of Samy Vellu’s criminal acts.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Datuk Seri Samy Vellu Sangalimuthu is the longest serving President of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), a component party of Barisan Nasional. He has held this post for 11 consecutive terms since 1979 and is the longest serving minister in Malaysia’s Cabinet until his defeat in the 12th General Election in March 2008.

Samy Vellu is the founder and Chairman of the Maju Institute of Educational Development (MIED), a non-profit charity organisation that provides educational loans and scholarships to deserving Indian-Malaysian students.

Ms P. Chitrakala Vasu, a former senior officer of MIED, alleges that Samy Vellu had siphoned out RM2 million in government funds that had been allocated to a MIC welfare foundation. She also made two reports in Shah Alam urging the police to probe the whereabouts of the MIED files and also RM2 million in donations collected in 2004 for tsunami victims in Sri Lanka.

She claimed Samy Vellu had asked her to place RM2 million in a fixed deposit in the account of YPS, a party foundation controlled by MIC. Chitrakala has further lodged two police reports in Subang Jaya blaming Samy Vellu for a variety of ills faced by the MIC and the Indian community. She claims that the money was intended for the pockets of MIC branch chairmen and supporters of the incumbent leadership.

It is alleged that Samy Vellu has hijacked 9 million Telekom shares from the original 10 million shares allocated to MAIKA. It seems he used three companies -- Clearway Sdn. Bhd., S.B. Management Services, and Advance Personal Computers Bhd. -- linked to himself, his son S. Vell Paari, and brother-in-law. These companies were used as conduits to swindle these shares. When the scandal first broke in mid-1992, the shares were valued at RM120 million.

In 1994, the then Chairman of the MIC Public Claims Committee, V Subramaniam (a.k.a. "Barat" Maniam), alleged that the accounts have been fabricated to make it appear that the profits from the sale of the Telekom shares were channelled to MIED. "Samy Vellu is a thief,” said Maniam. “He has stolen (Telekom) shares from the Indian community."

On Monday, Malaysia Today will reveal certain documents that will show how Samy Vellu and his son siphoned out millions of the party’s money.

The Inconvenient Truth About Why Chua Soi Lek Was Sacked

According to Special Branch intelligence, it took just three meetings, arranged by one "Umno Lim" in 1½ months and the deal was struck. Two meetings took place in Eastin Hotel, PJ and one in Corus Hotel (owned by CSL's close friend Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng).

By I Love Malaysia

Those who believe Chua Soi Lek was expelled due to the sex DVD scandal also believe that Elvis is still alive and living out the remaining years of his life in Pangkor Laut Resort. No one, not even Ong Tee Kiat's inner circle, buy the idea. How could they? The sex scandal was just an inconvenient excuse Ong Tee Kiat had to fall back on to give his deputy the boot.

"Inconvenient" because OTK knew the sex scandal was not something the public would easily buy. Not the post-March 8 voters, who's emboldened by the tsunami in the last election, buoyed even further by the LDP's heavy losses in Japan. Voters have wisened up from Umno's excesses and now have low tolerance to even the mildest whiff of leaders trying to subvert democratic processes to prolong their own political lives. But not many people know that OTK had to bite the bullet, so to speak, because he knew real, live ones could end up in him.

It's no exaggeration - in fact, it's even an open secret - that the underworld has already put a price on Ong Tee Kiat's head. Bukit Aman knew this long ago and has dispatched another bodyguard to keep Ong out of harm's way. So, he has 2 persons guarding him now, which is unheard of for a Minister. And it's not any ordinary bodyguard. The Malay chap is from UTK - an elite squad that offers protection to the King, PM and the DPM. It is something Umno's mouthpiece, the NST has also reported in its September 3 issue (

To understand why CSL was sacked, let's go back to Oct 20, 2008, two days after the MCA election. The meeting took place in a hotel in Putrajaya. The former Health Minister wasted no time on niceties and went straight to the point: Make me a Minister.

He looked at his boss OTK in the eye, waiting for a response, but the newly-elected maverick president knew better. After all, the issue of vacancy did not arise as Najib had not taken over as PM yet and the issue of filling up a post did not arise. It was months later that OTK found out that CSL had worn a wire and secretly recorded the conversation that night in the hope of trapping the newly-minted president. (CSL had gotten quite close to Edward Chong, an expert on such matters from Puchong, after his tryst in Hotel Katerina was beamed to computers worldwide.)

Feeling somewhat let down with OTK's cold treatment, CSL hatched a sinister plan: call an EGM. That's the only way for him to kill off the president politically. He knew that at 62, time was not on his side, especially since the party's election, due in 2011, could be postponed in view of the 13th general election. And he knew OTK well enough to know that the strong-headed leader would ostracise him. Yes, CSL was planning an EGM when the Ong-Chua team was barely one week into their office.

Drawing from the 1980s Neo Yee Pan-Tan Koon Swan experience, he plotted an ambitious comeback - more ambitious than his election as deputy president following his fall from grace after being caught with his pants down literally. Hence, a covert operation has begun to harvest as many signatures as possible for the EGM to be called.

But CSL knew he could only "harvest" what he "sowed". That's when he went back to the only basics he knew: throw money - not just money, but lots of them - so much that you'd think he prints them behind his mansion at the super-elite Persiaran Mempari in Sierramas, Sg Buloh. The modus operandi worked well during the October 2008 party election. He upset the favourite, Ong Ka Chuan, who had the full backing of the then president Ka Ting, by 114 votes.

If it worked well then (to win the election), it should work well now (to get rid of OTK). The going rate was low at first (RM3,500 per signature). But as pressure built up, he hiked the rate to RM15,000 per signature. Can you imagine just signing a piece of stupid paper and being paid what to many delegates was probably three times their monthly income?

But therein lies a problem for CSL: his cash reserve amassed during his heydays in the Ministry of Health was drying up faster than he could get his thing up with the magical blue pill. This was in late March when it dawned on him that there was another person who hated OTK as much as he did. And that person is Kuala Dimensi's Tiong King Sing, who's made so much cash from PKFZ that he could hire Daim Zainuddin to be his gardener if he wanted to.

According to Special Branch intelligence, it took just three meetings, arranged by one "Umno Lim" in 1½ months and the deal was struck. Two meetings took place in Eastin Hotel, PJ and one in Corus Hotel (owned by CSL's close friend Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng). Tiong agreed to bankroll CSL to topple OTK. In return, CSL would cease all action against Kuala Dimensi when he becomes the MCA president. In no time, RM100 million was raised.

But OTK painted an inaccurate picture about the RM100 million to his party members during their closed-door briefings. It's not like TKS had given the money to CSL in cold hard cash. Unless you live in Fort Knox, nobody would want to keep that much cash at home. The money was to be given to CSL in phases to avoid easy detection. The one entrusted to handle the cash is Tee Siew Keong, his former political secretary in the Ministry of Health whose hands are soaked in blood because he ALWAYS dragged his feet whenever approached for help, especially cases involving aged parents of MCA grassroots who needed help to get into places like IJN.

The stage is set, the war chest replenished and CSL is ready for his Armageddon. But he hit a snag: delegates are shying away from signing his EGM requisition, no thanks to the sudden surge in OTK's popularity after he came out with guns blazing at "evil contractors" who milked PKFZ like a bottomless goldmine. By then, Tiong was angry he had not been able to "reap", what he had "sowed".

Besides, there was a tacit understanding that CSL would be able to get rid of OTK before the Minister of Transport made public the Pricewater House report, which opened the Pandora Box on Tiong like how the "correct, correct, correct... " video hit VK Lingam. That was the start of Tiong's nightmare, which could only end, possibly after 15 years in Sungai Buloh.

This was when Tiong decided to take matters into his own hands. He made use of his triads link. Everyone in Bintulu knew Tiong as the Godfather of the Hua Kiew Road Gang. Despite opposition from his party SPDP boss William Mawan, Tiong decided unilaterally to expand the party to the Peninsula. He needed a base for his machai to operate from to finish off OTK, and subsequently cover their tracks. Who would believe that a Sarawak-based party could ever find support in Peninsula, which is already saturated with BN component parties?

Tee Keat found out about Tiong's grand design and was not taking chances. One of Tee Keat's informers is his own deputy minister, Robert Lau who is from SUPP, which has always viewed SPDP with suspicion. When OTK shared this with his inner circle, they raised one concern which totally slipped the MCA president's mind: if one day he ended up like JFK, Chua Soi Lek will automatically be the president.

That's when MCA will be under the thumb of Umno, just as MCA was trying to break free from it after the March 8 election. The man, tainted by sex videos would be too indebted to speak up in BN meetings. Besides, several police reports had already been lodged over his oral sex crime and it would be something hanging over him each time he spoke up about getting rid of the 30 per cent quota or ask for more Chinese schools to be built. And if CSL attends international conferences as a Minister, he would be subject to cheeky giggles behind his back by the international community, who has seen him having sex - probably the only minister in the world.

No, Ong Tee Keat was not going to let that happen. He had worked too hard and risked too much to see his efforts, like in PKFZ, being unravelled. The party may not have fully recovered the support from the Chinese community but it's already heading in the right direction. MCA could not go back to the subservient days of Ling Liong Sik and Ong Kah Ting. He knew MCA would go down the treacherous route of self-destruction if the party's Father of Money Politics were to take over.

After several rounds of discussions with his inner circle, OTK made the painful decision: CSL had to be sacked. For the sake of MCA, he had no choice. For the sake of the Chinese community, he had no choice for Gerakan has already gone down the road of oblivion. OTK would not allow MCA to go down the same route - not even over his own dead body.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Did Najib really read The Medina Charter?

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak says that his 1Malaysia concept is comparable to The Medina Charter, the first written constitution ever created and mooted by Prophet Muhammad. I suggest not only Najib but all Muslims should read and understand what The Charter was all about and see whether what they are doing today meets the aspirations of the Prophet of Islam.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

PM akins 1Malaysia to Medina charter

Malaysian Mirror, 2 September 2009

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said the 1Malaysia concept has characteristics of the Charter of Medina, the first Islamic constitution introduced by Prophet Muhammad to unite various tribes and ethnic groups as a single ummah.

Najib said the 1Malaysia concept was, therefore, Islamic, especially in its content and objectives.

When put into practice, 1Malaysia would make the country more peaceful and its society more harmonious, he told a ‘breaking of fast’ gathering organised by Selangor Umno at Kampung Setia, here on Tuesday night.

He said the Charter of Medina prioritised and protected Islam and gave justice to all communities. It protected minority groups and allowed religious freedom.

All these are principles contained in 1Malaysia, the prime minister said, adding: "Therefore, we must do what is best for the Muslim community and be fair to the non-Muslims.

“Hopefully, in this way, we will be devout Muslims. This is also part of 1Malaysia.”

On fasting, Najib said this third of the five tenets of Islam was a challenge for Muslims, including the leaders, as they would feel what the destitute and poor go through. This should make them want to help the less fortunate.

"This is what we should strive for as leaders. We must be prepared to continuously serve the people, especially the poor and needy,” he said.

Najib, the Umno president, and his wife Rosmah Mansor performed the maghrib, isyak and tarawih prayers with the guests.

Charter of Medina in brief

The Charter, or Constitution, of Medina constituted a formal agreement between Prophet Muhammad and all the significant tribes and families of Medina (then known as Yathrib), including Muslims, Jews and pagans.

The document was drawn up to bring to an end the bitter inter tribal fighting in Medina and, to this effect, it instituted a number of rights and responsibilities for each group and brought them within the fold of one ummah.

The Charter established, among others, the security of the community, religious freedom, the role of Medina as a ‘haram’ place (barring all violence and weapons), the security of women and stable tribal relations.

It also provides a tax system for supporting the community in time of conflict, parameters for political alliances, a system for granting protection of individuals and a judicial system for resolving disputes.



By Kassim Ahmad

The Medina Charter, written and promulgated by Prophet Muhammad for the multi-religious ten thousand-strong citizens of the city-state of Medina in 622 A.D is truly a remarkable political-constitutional document. The claim made by Professor M. Hamidullah that it was the first written constitution (FN1) in the world is not without basis. Aristotle's Constitution of Athens (FN2), written on papyrus, discovered by an American missionary in Egypt in 1890 and published in 1891, was not a constitution. It was an account of the constitution of the city-state of Athens. Other legal writings on the conduct of ancient societies have been found, but none can be described as a constitution. The Medina Charter is the first, and in this it preceded the American Constitution of 1787, considered by Western authorities as "a landmark document of the Western world … the oldest written national constitution in operation" (FN3) by more than a thousand years! It also preceded the English feudal bill of rights, the Magna Carter of 1215, by almost six centuries!

Not only is the Medina Charter important in the sense that it is the first written constitution; it is also modern in the sense that it was promulgated for a plural society, giving equal rights to every citizen as well as giving them a say in governmental matters, as we shall see.

Considering all these, it is amazing that those Muslim leaders and writers who talk and write about the Islamic state seldom refer to this important seminal political document of Islam.

It is to be remembered that Muhammad had become a prophet, reciting God's revelations to his fellow-Meccans, for twelve years before he and his followers migrated to Yathrib, two hundred and ten miles to the north of Mecca. There was going to be another ten years to his mission before he completed the delivery of the Divine message to the Arabs and to mankind in God's final scripture, the Quran. So this Medina Charter was provisional in the sense that it could not contain all the provisions of statecraft contained in the Quran. Yathrib was later to known as "The City of the Prophet " or simply Medina. The reason for the migration was the growing opposition of the Quraisy aristocracy to his teachings and the receptive attitude shown by some Yathrib pilgrims to Mecca at this time.

The whole text of the Charter has been reproduced, word for word, by Ibn Ishaq and Abu Ubaid in their respective books from the original preserved by Ibn Abi Khithamah. (FN4)

The Charter consists of 47 clauses, but due to different numbering, Prof. Hamidullah counts it to be 52 (FN5). Clauses 1, 2 and 39 state the formation of a sovereign nation-state with a common citizenship, consisting of various communities, principally Muslim Arabs from Mecca (the Muhajirin or Immigrants), Muslim Arabs from Yathrib (the Ansar or Helpers), other monotheists form Yathrib (i.e. the Jews) and others who must be at that time still pagans. These constitute a unified citizenry (Arabic term, ummah), having equal rights and responsibilities, as distinct from other peoples.

It should not escape anyone's notice that these two clauses established the first modern nation-state in the world. Although Medina was just a city, its Charter was to last until the beginning of the Umayyad Dynasty in 1661. Western historians cite the Treaties of Westphalia in 1648 as the beginning of the modern nation-state era. (FN6)

The Charter provided a federal structure with a centralized authority, with the various tribes in various districts constituting a unit and enjoying autonomy in certain matters of a social, cultural and religious character. Provision for this district autonomy is repeated for each district. (Clauses 3 through to 11 and 26 through to 35) In fact, many matters were left in the hands of the autonomous units, except state security and national defense. (Clauses 17, 36 (a) and 47) Provisions for these centralized subjects are made in Clauses 13, 15, 17 and 44. Only in cases of disputes the units could not resolve, recourse for their decisions had to be made to the Prophet, whose decision was final. (Clauses 23 and 41)

As Prof. Hamidullah rightly stated, " … this new constitution … brought with it very important, and -- to Arabia at least -- very revolutionary change and improvement, by providing the people with a central public institution for seeking justice, in place of everyone seeking it with the power of his own hand or, at best, that of his family. This epoch-making innovation … brought an end for all times to the chaos of tribalism and which laid the basis for a wider institution, viz a State." (FN7)

It should be noted that this loyalty to the State by its plural citizenry constituted a nationalism, or more exactly a patriotism, that is approved by Islam, contrary to what some modern Muslim ideologues assert. It is in line with the teaching in the Quranic verse, "O people, We created you from the same male and female and rendered you into distinct peoples and tribes that you may recognize one another. The best of you in the sight of God is the most righteous." (FN8)

There were twenty districts each with a chief (naqib) and deputy chiefs (`arif) and its meeting place (saqifah). The city at this time had a population of about ten thousand. Of these, the Muslims made up only a few hundred; half of it were monotheist Jews, the rest being polytheists. (FN9)

It is noteworthy that the Charter ordained equality to its members and protected them against oppression. (Clause 16). The State proclaimed the brotherhood of believers and gave each one a right and support to give protection to any individual, excepting an enemy. (Clause 15). It also extended help to its members in debt or in financial difficulties in regard to payment of ransom or blood-money. (Clause 12). It prohibited help or refuge to be given to a murderer. (Clause 22).

A very important human right is given in Clause 25 where freedom was guaranteed for each community to practice its own religion. The implication of this clause is that each individual was also free to choose his or her religion, in line with the clear teachings of the Quran. (FN10)

Another important principle of statecraft is consultation with the people in all matters. This is stated in Clause 37(a). Unlike in modern democratic polity, the voice of the people, vox populi, regardless of whether that voice represents right and truth or not, is given the highest value. This is a basic flaw in Western democracy. Another important principle of just governance is that no quarter is given to an injustice or wrong-doing. In the Charter, this is stated in Clause 47.

As I stated above, this constitution is Muhammad's ijtihad at formulating a constitution when he was confronted with the task of administrating the city-state of Medina. At this time, he had not yet received the full Quran. He had therefore to fall back on customs and precedents, and he did. In any case, all constitutions are provisional in the sense that it must be adapted to changing times.

A trace of Arab tribalism can be detected in two clauses where a member together with his family were to be punished because of a crime he committed. (Clauses 25 and 36(b)) This clearly contradicts another clause which states that no evil-doer is punished except for the crime he commits. (Clause 46)

Perhaps, in the light of present Muslim interest in an "Islamic state", we should point out that this important constitutional document of Islam does not anywhere use the term "Islamic state" of "Islamic society". The major principles governing an Islamic society are, of course, present -- principles like justice, brotherhood and unity of believers, unity and cooperation among zitizens of the state, freedom of religion, strict adherence to pacts entered into between parties, cooperation to do good and to prevent evil, encouragement for high moral conduct, consultation as a method of government. It is also interesting to note that what has been called "Hudud laws", being part of Islamic Law, is also nowhere mentioned in the document.

It should be noted that the Charter, this first Islamic political-constitutional document, was given to the people of Medina in the name of Muhammad the Prophet (Clause 1) and also in the name of God as well as Prophet Muhammad. (Clause 47) Why two different ways of phrasing the ultimate source of power? It is to be remembered that during the Western Middle Ages, the Church ruled supreme in the name of God, and God's name was, of course, much misused by hypocrites and opportunists. The modern Western practice of replacing God with the people has, of course, not helped matters very much. In the name of the people, oppression, wars, colonialism and aggressions have been launched.

Thus, even in this modern age of science and technology, mankind cannot ignore a power that is greater than itself. Mankind has an autonomous right to live, and to live happily, but he must do that in a lawfully created Universe. It is in this sense that the Charter was given in the name of Muhammad the Prophet, who represented the principle of the good and of right reason, which is higher than the individual man. Likewise, in Clause 47 God's name was put first, as God represents the highest Good and the highest principle of right reason. This is necessary to conduct Man to higher and ever higher achievements.


In the name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful.

(1) This is a document from Muhammad the prophet (governing the relations) between the believers and Muslims of Quraysh and Yathrib, and those who followed them and joined them and labored with them.

(2) They are one community (umma) to the exclusion of all men.

(3) The Quraysh emigrants according to their present custom shall pay the bloodwit within their number and shall redeem their prisoners with the kindness and justice common among believers.

(4-8) The B. ‘Auf according to their present custom shall pay the bloodwit they paid in heatheism; every section shall redeem its prisoners with the kindness and justice common among believers. The B. Sa ida, the B. ‘l-Harith, and the B. Jusham, and the B. al-Najjar likewise.

(9-11) The B. ‘Amr b. ‘Auf, the B. al-Nabit and the B. al-‘Aus likewise.

(12)(a) Believers shall not leave anyone destitute among them by not paying his redemption money or bloodwit in kindness.

(12)(b) A believer shall not take as an ally the freedman of another Muslim against him.

(13) The God-fearing believers shall be against the rebellious or him who seeks to spread injustice, or sin or animosity, or corruption between believers; the hand of every man shall be against him even if he be a son of one of them.

(14) A believer shall not slay a believer for the sake of an unbeliever, nor shall he aid an unbeliever against a believer.

(15) God’s protection is one, the least of them may give protection to a stranger on their behalf. Believers are friends one to the other to the exclusion of outsiders.

(16) To the Jew who follows us belong help and equality. He shall not be wronged nor shall his enemies be aided.

(17) The peace of the believers is indivisible. No separate peace shall be made when believers are fighting in the way of God. Conditions must be fair and equitable to all.

(18) In every foray a rider must take another behind him.

(19) The believers must avenge the blood of one another shed in the way of God.

(20)(a) The God-fearing believers enjoy the best and most upright guidance.

(20)(b) No polytheist shall take the property of person of Quraysh under his protection nor shall he intervene against a believer.

(21) Whoever is convicted of killing a believer without good reason shall be subject to retaliation unless the next of kin is satisfied (with blood-money), and the believers shall be against him as one man, and they are bound to take action against him.

(22) It shall not be lawful to a believer who holds by what is in this document and believes in God and the last day to help an evil-doer or to shelter him. The curse of God and His anger on the day of resurrection will be upon him if he does, and neither repentance nor ransom will be received from him.

(23) Whenever you differ about a matter it must be referred to God and to Muhammad.

(24) The Jews shall contribute to the cost of war so long as they are fighting alongside the believers.

(25) The Jews of the B. ‘Auf are one community with the believers (the Jews have their religion and the Muslims have theirs), their freedmen and their persons except those who behave unjustly and sinfully, for they hurt but themselves and their families.

(26-35) The same applies to the Jews of the B. al-Najjar, B. al-Harith, B. Sai ida, B. Jusham, B. al-Aus, B. Tha'laba, and the Jafna, a clan of the Tha‘laba and the B. al-Shutayba. Loyalty is a protection against treachery. The freedmen of Tha ‘laba are as themselves. The close friends of the Jews are as themselves.

(36) None of them shall go out to war save the permission of Muhammad, but he shall not be prevented from taking revenge for a wound. He who slays a man without warning slays himself and his household, unless it be one who has wronged him, for God will accept that.

(37) The Jews must bear their expenses and the Muslims their expenses. Each must help the other against anyone who attacks the people of this document. They must seek mutual advice and consultation, and loyalty is a protection against treachery. A man is not liable for his ally’s misdeeds. The wronged must be helped.

(38) The Jews must pay with the believers so long as war lasts.

(39) Yathrib shall be a sanctuary for the people of this document.

(40) A stranger under protection shall be as his host doing no harm and committing no crime.

(41) A woman shall only be given protection with the consent of her family.

(42) If any dispute or controversy likely to cause trouble should arise it must be referred to God and to Muhammad the apostle of God. God accepts what is nearest to piety and goodness in this document.

(43) Quraysh and their helpers shall not be given protection.

(44) The contracting parties are bound to help one another against any attack on Yathrib.

(45)(a) If they are called to make peace and maintain it they must do so; and if they make a similar demand on the Muslims it must be carried out except in the case of a holy war.

(45)(b) Every one shall have his portion from the side to which he belongs.

(46) The Jews of al-Aus, their freedmen and themselves have the same standing with the people of this document in purely loyalty from the people of this document. Loyalty is a protection against treachery. He who acquires ought acquires it for himself. God approves of this document.

(47) This deed will not protect the unjust and the sinner. The man who goes forth to fight and the man who stays at home in the city is safe unless he has been unjust and sinned. God is the protector of the good and God-fearing man and Muhammad is the apostle of God.


(1) The First Written Constitution in the World, Sh. Muhammad Ashraf, Lahore, 1968. First published in England, 1941.
(2) Translated by Frederic G. Kenyon, Internet. !996 The Avalon Project.
(3) The New Encyclopaedia Britannica, 15th Edition, 1991.
(4) The First Written Constitution in the World, p. 9. The translation of the whole text for A. Guillaume's Life of Muhammad is appended at the end.
(5) Ibid., pp. 19-20.
(6) The New Encyclopaedia Britannica, 15th Edition, 1991.
(7) The First Written Constitution, p. 18.
(8) Quran, 49:13.
(9) Ibid., pp. 12-13.
(10) "There shall be no compulsion in religion: the right way is now distinguished from the wrong way." (2:256) Note that this statement of complete religious freedom comes immediately after the grandest statement of God's power to be found in any scripture. It is indeed significant!
(11) This text is taken from A. Guillaume, The Life of Muhammad -- A Translation of Ishaq's Sirat Rasul Allah, Oxford University Press, Karachi, 1955; pp. 231-233. Numbering added.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What game was the AG playing?

In 2007, the Commercial Crime Division of Bukit Aman detained a few Chinese underworld bosses said to be linked to Malaysia’s IGP. One of those bosses, Goh Cheng Poh, filed a Writ against the government. The AG, however, refused to prepare an Affidavit in Reply -- meaning that the government would certainly lose its case and Goh Peng Poh would be allowed to walk free. What game was the AG playing? Was he shooting the ball into his own goal to assist the release of a Chinese underworld boss? See the unprecedented AG Chamber's letter to the Deputy Home Minister below.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bye-bye, IGP, happy retirement

he IGP actually retired way back in September 2007. The Abdullah Badawi government, however, extended his service on contract basis for another two years. Those two years will expire in two weeks time on 14 September 2009. We hear the government wants to extend his contract, yet again. This means the Chinese underworld will continue to run the police force and decide on who gets transferred, promoted, demoted, and thrown into jail. Yes, they even throw police officers that do not 'cooperate' into jail. And, today, we offer the evidence of that.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Some of the names on these documents have been blacked out, for obvious reasons. Rest assured we have the un-blacked out version in our safekeeping, which can be revealed if the government challenges these documents as fakes, ‘poison pen’ letters, or lies. And if the IGP gets an extension on his contract, then the un-blacked out version will surely surface to ensure that we embarrass the Malaysian government to the maximum. The world will be told that the Chinese mafia runs the Malaysian Police Force.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Now, let's get to the jugular

The MACC said it tak layan (will not entertain) 'poison pen' letters. It will only investigate signed letters. Well, below is a signed letter plus a detail report implicating the IGP and AG in a crime. They helped a Chinese underworld syndicate boss escape the long arm of the law. Even the Deputy Home Minister said the IGP and AG are involved in this conspiracy. And this is the Deputy Minister's letter to the Prime Minister. Is this enough for you to now launch an investigation, MACC?


Raja Petra Kamarudin


Okay, MACC, is this official enough for you?

The MACC says it will not investigate 'poison pen' letters. It will 'tak layan' anything that is sent on an anonymous basis. Well, the following is not anonymous. It is not a 'poison pen' letter. It is a police report about what the MACC did to a lawyer. The only thing is this lawyer is fortunate enough to have not ended up dead on the ground floor like Teoh Beng Hock. Is this official enough for you, MACC?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Statutory Declaration of Chong Tzeng Hang @ Ah Han (830210-01-5407)

Wednesday, 17 June 2009 | THE CORRIDORS OF POWER | MalaysiaToday - Raja Petra Kamarudin

In 2007, six (6) police officers and two (2) underworld figures signed Statutory Declarations alleging that senior police officers right up to the IGP have links with the Chinese drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling and loan-shark syndicate based in Johor and which was expanding its operation throughout Malaysia. Another police officer made a police report alleging that his family was kidnapped by the ACA to force him to change his statement while the head of the CCD and his lawyer were arrested and charged for alleged criminal offenses as punishment for detaining underworld bosses under the Emergency Ordinance.


Saya, CHONG TZENG HANG @ AH HAN (No K/P: 830210-01-5407) berumur 24 tahun dan beralamat di No. 38, Taman Bunga Ros, Kangkar Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor dengan ini sesungguhnya dan seikhlasnya berikrar dan menyatakan seperti berikut:-

1. Saya dilahirkan dan dibesarkan di Bandar Johor Bahru, Johor. Saya mendapat pendidikan sehingga tingkatan 3 di Sek. Men. Taman Daya, Johor Bahru, Johor. Saya tidak melanjutkan persekolahan selepas itu kerana tidak lagi berminat dalam pelajaran. Selapas berhenti sekolah, saya telah melakukan pelbagai pekerjaan. Saya membantu bapa saya bekerja sebagai penjual kereta di U Want Used Cars, Jalan Kebun Teh, Johor Bahru, Johor. Di samping itu, saya juga mempunyai sedikit saham dalam perniagaan pub dan aktiviti placuran di Marcopolo Lounge, Taman Sentosa, Johor Bahru, Johor. Dalam sebulan saya boleh berpendapatan anggaran RM5,000.00. Saya mempunyai adik-beradik seramai 4 orang termasuk saya. Saya merupakan anak kedua dalam keluarga saya. Saya sudah berumahtangga dan mempunyai dua orang anak perempuan.

2. Saya tidak pernah melibatkan diri dalam kegiatan kongsi gelap ataupun kumpulan thug.

3. Saya tidak pernah melibatkan diri dalam kegiatan kongsi gelap ataupun mengedar dadah.

4. Pada bulan Januari tahun 2006, saya mula mengenali seorang lelaki Cina nama Johnny, pemilik sebuah pub Marcopolo, Taman Sentosa, Johor Bahru. Selain menjalankan aktiviti pub an lounge, premis ini juga digunakan untuk menganjurkan aktiviti pelacuran. Perniagaan ini terdiri dari dua orang partner iaitu Johnny sendiri dan Chan Boon Chai (Ah Hwa). Johnny kemudian meminta saya untuk bertindak sebagai PR bagi aktivitinya agar saya dapat menjalin hubungan dengan PT D7, DSP Hedzir. Johnny tidak rapat dengan DSP Hedzir dan pada masa yang sama saya sentiasa berhubungan dengan DSP Hedzir sehinggalah kami menjadi rapat.

5. Semasa menjalankan PR bagi Johnny, saya membayar sebanyak RM12,000/- sebulan kepada DSP Hedzir dan kami sering berjumpa di Hotel New York, Johor Bahru, Johor. Pada 25/05/2006, Johnny telah keluar dari perniagaan Maropolo dan menyerahkan kepada saya disamping Ah Hwa kerana dia tidak mampu lagi untuk menanggung semua hutang termasuk hutang saya lebih kurang RM170,000/-. Saya bersetuju dan trus mengambil alih perniagaan itu dan meneruskan perniagaan itu bersama Ah Hwa. Pada bulan Jun 2006, DSP Hedzir sudah mula buka mulut untuk meminta sponsor dan katanya sponsor itu untuk No. 1 (Tan Sri Musa Bin Hassan, Ketua Polis Negara). Dalam bulan Jun 2006 sahaja saya telah beri sebanyak 2 kali sponsor kepada DSP Hedzir iaitu sebanyak RM80,000/- untuk No. 1 dan RM15,000/- untuk dia sendiri. Pada bulan Julai 2006, saya telah beri sponsor sebanyak 2 kali lagi iaitu RM45,000/- untuk DSP Hedzir dan RM60,000/- untuk No. 1. Kemudian dalam bulan Ogos 2006, saya telah beri kepada DSP Hedzir sebanyak RM80,000/- untuk sponsor kepada No.1 dan sekali lagi sebanyak RM60,000/- juga untuk diberi kepada No. 1. Dalam bulan September 2006, saya sekali lagi memberikan wang sebanyak RM80,000/- kepada DSP Hedzir untuk diberikan kepada No. 1. Akhir sekali dalam bulan Oktober 2006, DSP Hedzir meminta saya lagi wang sebanyak RM60,000/- juga untuk diberikan kepada No. 1. Kesemua wang tersebut saya sendiri telah beri terus kepada DSP Hedzir tanpa melalui sesiapa. Selain itu ada beberapa kali lagi saya beri wang sebagai sponsor yang diminta oleh DSP Hedzir tetapi saya tidak ingat berapa jumlah sebenar. Sejak dari mula saya beri wang kepadanya, saya anggarkan hampir mencecah RM1 juga. Segala wang yang diberikan adalah secara tunai.

6. Pada bulan November 2006, DSP Hedzir masih meminta wang lagi dari saya tetapi saya tidak mahu bagi lagi sebab selalu dia cakap nak bagi pada No.1. Saya berasa curiga sebab DSP Hedzir sering menggunakan nama No 1 dan saya minta untuk berjumpa sendiri dengan No. 1. Kemudian DSP Hedzir menghubungi No. 1 untuk bertanya adakan No. 1 bersedia berjumpa dengan saya. Pada tarikh tidak ingat penghujung bulan November 2006, DSP Hedzir memberitahu saya yang saya boleh berjumpa dengan No.1. Pada keesokkan harinya. Saya terus pergi ke 5 buah money changer untuk menukarkan wang kepada S$30,000/- dalam note S$1,000/- (30 keping) dan memasukkan kedalam satu sampul surat. Pada pagi keesokkan harinya saya seorang diri pergi ke Melaka untuk berjumpa DSP Hedzir dan No. 1. Sampai di Melaka saya telah diminta untuk menunggu dalam kereta ditepi jalan dan DSP Hedzir datang memandu sebuah kereta jenis Proton Perdana V6 warna hitam nombor pendaftaran saya tidak ingat DSP Hedzir kemudian bawa kereta pergi mengambil No. 1 dan datang semula terus berhenti di hadapan kereta saya. Saya diminta oleh DSP Hedzir untuk keluar dari kereta saya dan masuk kedalam kereta Perdana V6. Saya duduk dibahagian belakang dan saya nampak DSP Hedzir duduk dibahagian pemandu No. 1 dan No. 1 duduk dibahagian penumpang hadapan sebelah kiri. Saya menelek sedikit untuk mendapatkan kepastian samada dia adalah No. 1 dan saya pasti orang itu adalah No. 1 iaitu Tan Sri Musa Hassan, Ketua Polis Negara. DSP Hedzir menyuruh saya jangan memandang kepada No. 1 dengan memberi isyarat tangan. Saya menurut perintahnya dan kami mula berbincang.

7. Saya terus tanya kepada No. 1 “Dato’, saya dengar saya punya kes fail sudah dibuka, macam mana sekarang Dato’?. Kemudian No. 1 beritahu kepada saya “you jangan dengar orang cakap, saya janji sama you, you punya kes fail takkan jadi”. Kemudian saya tanya lagi “saya punya bisnes macam mana? Boleh jalan lagi tak?”. No. 1 kata “you tunggu saya beri green light sama tuan Hedzir, you boleh buka bisnes cara terbuka”. No. 1 beritahu lagi selepas ni mana-mana orang sindiket ekor yang sudar keluar order, boleh beri maklumat padanya. Saya jawab pada No. 1, “saya minta maaf, saya tidak tahu”. Kemudian akhir sekali saya minta dari No. 1 dengan berkata “Dato’, itu bisnes kita letak tepi dulu, tapi saya minta jangan buka kes fail atas saya”. Lepas saya tanya, No. 1 jawab “itu no problem”. No. 1 kata lagi pada saya “Ah Han, saya pun tak boleh lama, saya nak balik”. Semasa saya hendak turun dari kereta saya terus mengeluar sampul surat berisi S$30,000/- dan beri kepada No.1 sambil berkata “ini hadiah pada dato”. No. 1 menyuruh saya meletakkan sampul surat itu ditempat handbrek berdekatan dengan begnya.

8. Pada 28/12/2006, saya telah diberitahu oleh seorang pegawai D7, IPK Johor yang order 3(1) telah keluar. Lepas saya tahu saya terus telefon DSP Hedzir dan bertanya kepadanya bagaimana dengan janjinya tempoh hari berkaitan kes fail saya, kenapa masih keluar order 3(1). DSP Hedzir beritahu saya supaya sabar dan meminta wang lagi dari saya sebanyak RM20,000/- sebagai sponsor. Saya tidak beri dan sejak dari DSP Hedzir tidak menghubungi saya lagi sehinggalah saya ditangkap 3(1) pada 21/02/2007. Segala pembayaran kepada DSP Hedzir adalah wang dari hasil perniagaan saya di Marcopolo.

9. Saya merasa telah ditipu dan dianiaya kerana wang telah pun dibayar tetapi janji tidak ditunai.

Dan saya membuat pengakuan ini dengan sesungguhnya mempercayai bahawa yang sama adalah benar dan mengikut peruntukan Akta Akuan Berkanun, 1960.

AH HAN (No K/P: 830210-01-5407) tersebut di atas )
di Kuala Lumpur pada haribulan 2007 )

Di hadapan saya,

Pesuruhjaya Sumpah

Statutory Declaration of Chai Boon Chai @ Ah Wah (No K/P: 730702-04-5356)

Statutory Declaration of Sarjan Major Manimaran a/l Palaniappan (D/94894)

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