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Monday, April 6, 2009

Haprak punya Melayu!

RPK | malaysiaToday | Monday, 06 April 2009 | extract from original post : Islam equals shit

Yesterday, a police report was made at the Taiping Police Station against YB Nga Kor Ming, the Member of Parliament for Taiping. The people who made this police report are Hj Osman Abu Bakar, the President of
Barisan Bertindak Perpaduan Melayu, and Hj Hassan Hamzah, its Secretary. Hj Hassan is also the UMNO Bagan Datoh Division Deputy Head. Bagan Datoh is the constituency of Datuk Zahid Hamidi, one of the three newly elected Vice-Presidents of UMNO.

Make no bones about it. Hj Osman and Hj Hassan are Umno slime-balls and scumbags. And I call them slime-balls and scumbags because they are using Islam as a camouflage for politics. They, in a nutshell, are taking the Lord’s name in vain, as the Christians would say.

If these two Umno slime-balls and scumbags are really serious and sincere about ‘defending’ Islam, as they say they are, then they would have certainly made a police report, years ago, against the Kamunting Detention Centre for forbidding Muslim detainees from performing their Friday prayers.

I know what they will probably say. The detainees in Kamunting are under Internal Security Act detention. So there is no way they can be allowed to leave the detention centre to go to the nearby mosque to do their Friday prayers. Hey, who said they should be allowed to leave the detention centre to go to the nearby mosque to do their Friday prayers? The detainees are only asking to be allowed to do their Friday prayers in the detention centre. They are not asking to be allowed to leave the detention centre to go to the nearby mosque.

The Mufti of Perak, however, has ruled that the ISA detainees cannot perform their Friday prayers, even if they want to do it in the detention centre and not in the nearby mosque. This is a ruling, also known as a fatwah or religious decree, by none other than the head honcho of the Perak religious authority.

The detainees brought this matter to my attention when I was there briefly from September to November last year. I discussed this with the Kamunting authority and they confirmed that this was so. These detainees are so stubborn, I was told. The Mufti of Perak already told them they cannot perform their Friday prayers, lamented the Kamunting authority, so why are they still harping on the issue?

The irony of this whole issue is that the Kamunting detention centre has a prayer hall that can easily accommodate 100 people. Therefore, why is it so difficult to grant permission for less than 50 Muslim detainees to perform their Friday prayers in this prayer hall? And you only need 40 people to perform your Friday prayers, which the hall can more than accommodate.

The Muslim detainees are already performing their congregation prayers on Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Haji. And they are performing these prayers not in the prayer hall but in an open field, the sepak raga court to be exact. Can’t the Friday prayers also be performed on this same sepak raga court? It is mind-boggling that the detainees can perform their Hari Raya prayers on the sepak raga court within the compound of the detention centre but can’t also perform their Friday prayers there. Utter crap, if you ask me.

I made a police report at the Sentul Police Station about this matter soon after I was released from Kamunting in November last year. The police, however, totally ignored my police report. They did not even bother to take my statement, as is the normal procedure when a police report is made. If the Hj Osman and Hj Hassan Umno slime-balls and scumbags really have the interest of Islam at heart, they would have taken up this issue with fervour and enthusiasm.

Anyway, this is not what I wanted to lament about today. What I want to talk about is the posting by Hantu Laut in his Blog

I don’t know whether Hantu Laut is a Malay or not, but Malays believe in all sorts of Hantu -- Hantu Laut, Hantu Dapor, Hantu Kopek (Boobs Ghost), Hantu Raya, and whatnot. I assume, however, that Hantu Laut is non-Malay and non-Muslim from the way he or she has whacked Islam.

I want to see whether the two Umno slime-balls and scumbags, Hj Osman and Hj Hassan, are going to make a police report against Hantu Laut as well. If they don’t, then another ‘pejuang Islam’ like the PKR Member of Parliament for Kulim, who said he would defend Islam to his last drop of blood, should instead.

Read what Hantu Laut said. He is ridiculing the Syariah. The Muslims consider the Syariah as God’s law. Ridiculing the Syariah tantamount to ridiculing Allah.

Hey, Hj Osman and Hj Hassan! Hantu Laut is mocking Allah. Hantu Laut has whacked the Quran and is dragging Islam through the mud. Are you going to remain silent? If YB Nga Kor Ming, the Member of Parliament for Taiping, has insulted Islam just because he recited a verse from the Quran, then what Hantu Laut wrote is many, many times more insulting. Are you going to do nothing?

I am going to see what happens from hereon. If no one bothers about what Hantu Laut wrote then it just confirms what I have always said about Malay-Muslims, they are full of shit. Hantu Laut just wrote that Islam equals shit and these ‘defenders of Islam’ are not in the least bothered. But they are extremely concerned that YB Nga Kor Ming, the Member of Parliament for Taiping, has recited a verse from the Quran even though he did so not out of disrespect.

Malays always quote from the Bible, although most times they don’t realise they are quoting the Bible. Do we see the Christians frothing at the mouth and rushing to make police reports? Haprak punya Melayu, Muslim munafiq! I would like to call these people dogs but then I love dogs and would not want to insult dogs in that manner.

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