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Brutal murder of a Mongolian beauty

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Altantuya murder: 'They will not hang'

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‘In exchange for playing their roles, Azilah and Sirul will now be whisked away for cosmetic surgery and be resettled in a friendly country with new identities and guaranteed incomes for life.'

Lilian Tan: One of your readers wrote in with a very good question,'Will the Royal Malaysian Police allow the government and the prosecution to hang two of their own while the real culprits behind the murder of this foreign woman roam free?' 

He also went on to express surprise that ‘the IGP and the senior brass of the Royal Malaysian Police have not stepped in to defend or speak up for two of their own.'

Well, how's this for a theory? Supposing the government (read IGP, Attorney-General etc) has struck a deal with Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar to take the fall in this ‘sandiwara'. 

In exchange for playing their roles, they will now be whisked away to the US for serious cosmetic surgery to alter their faces (why not? Head honchos of South American drug cartels do it routinely) and be resettled in a friendly neighboring Asean country like Thailand with new identities and guaranteed incomes for life. 

Incidentally, it has never been explained why the two men have always shown up outside court under such wraps. 

Normally, defendants are only allowed to pull their shirts over their heads or keep their heads down, but it looks like their fellow policemen guarding them are also under orders to protect their anonymity. 

This would certainly make it easier to whisk these two men out of the country without arousing any suspicion.

In any case, two men will still die by hanging to complete the ‘sandiwara' and appease Malaysians that ‘justice has been served'. 

And in most likelihood, these two wretches will be some poor illegal foreign nationals picked up by the police whom none will miss or make a fuss about. 

Possible? Never underestimate how ‘sophisticated' or ‘corrupt' the Malaysian law and justice systems have become. 

R Partiban: Let me tell you the actual plan. Until today, both these murderers have not shown their faces to the public. The police are protecting they faces for what? 

I still do not understand. The only reason for them to do this is so that they can hang some other drug addicts in the prison and let these two to walk free. 

They will be given new identities and passports and a very, very big sum of money to settle down in overseas.

Conspiracy Theory: Why didn't these two policemen have their photos printed by the newspapers? 

Their faces were always well-covered. Rumour has it, it has all been ‘arranged'.

They will ‘die' and be given a new identity (new name, new IC) after they are ‘hanged'. Isn't this legal under a Witness Protection Act?

They scared that people recognise them with their new identity, so that's why they don't show their faces in public. 

I dare the newspapers to publish their photos officially. Even then, maybe they will be sent to do plastic surgery so that people will not to recognise them.

John Johnson: We had the case of Anwar Ibrahim on his sodomy charge. All the evidence was taken from god knows where and witnesses were called from everywhere just to ensure the prosecution will have the necessary ammunition to nail Anwar. 

Here we have two officers of the law who don't even know this woman. Why on earth would they want to kill her?

To blow up someone with C4 explosives is not an easy thing to do. Clearance must be obtained for the use of the explosives. Who gave this permission? 

The justice system is a sham and it is embarrassing to witness a kangaroo court in action. 

Two innocent people are to be put to death (they will probably ship these two somewhere else and, of course, pay them for their troubles and give them new identities).

Look at Pakistan where ‘people power' changed the legal system. We should follow their examples and put righteous judges and lawyers to uphold our justice system to an impeccable level.

Ravindran Mailvaganam: I am not a cynic but I am convinced that Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar Umar will never be hanged. 

Key witnesses were never called by either the defence or the prosecution to testify and during the trial both men were brought to the court with their faces covered. 

If this is not another ‘sandiwara' staged to assuage the feelings of the public then I will eat my hat.

Remember that during the Mahathir administration, Mokthar Hashim who was convicted on a first degree murder charge - he had murdered an assembly person - was granted a free pardon by the Agong. 

In 2006, the federal court upheld the death sentence passed on Kenneth Lee Fook Mun by the appeals court for the murder of accountant Lee Good Yew in 2000.

Lee was then granted a pardon by the Agong in January, 2008.

Millionth Citizen: It is so very sad to see how the government is manipulating the rakyat. 

I am no wizard or god. It is a forgone conclusion that the two found guilty for murder and now sent to the gallows will have their sentence changed to manslaughter on appeal. 

After all, the court did not find a reason for them to kill the Mongolian woman. In law there is no ‘mens rea'. 

What is so troubling is the trend of how things are happening in the country. The judiciary, executive and the police - looks likes they are all in cahoots. God help us.

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