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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Updates from Raja Petra Court Hearing Today.

 Tuesday, 10 February 2009 14:05   |   MalaysiaToday.

Updates from Raja Petra's Court Hearing Today on his Sedition Charge - MT Administration

Superintendant Gan was the only witness of the morning. Gobind started with questioning him with regards to the comments made by the prior judge and whether he knew the new judge was junior to the old. Gan's replies were either he could not remember or he did not know.
He was further questioned on paragraphs in the Altantuya article which he again stated he did not investigate or he did not know if they were true. He admitted that Najib is important to the investigation. He was asked if he had questioned Najib on the truth of the matter and he answered no. He was later asked if he had questioned Musa and Rosmah and he also admitted that he did not. His reason for not questioning Najib was because Najib was not involved. How he came to the conclusion that Najib was not involved was because he relied on facts supplied by ASP Tony.
Gobind asked him how many years had he been with the force and whether he understood what 'hearsay' means. The court did not find that necessary to be answered.
Gan's reply to most questions was that he led a team of investigators and he relied on them for answers. He did not have personal knowledge of the investigation.
Gobind stated that Gan made a false police report as he did not investigate whether what Raja Petra wrote was true.
"I put it to you that no statement was taken from Najib because the police knew he was involved and that you have no guts! And therefore you are in no position to substantiate  RPK's article". The decision to lodge the police report and initiate the police investigation was politically motivated, was Gobind's last statement before the hearing was adjourned for lunch.
After lunch, Gan became confused and when asked if he thought what he wrote in his affidavit was unfounded, he replied yes.

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