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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oi, vigilers! Howzabout Monday at the Palace in solidarity with RPK, then?

Last Sunday, vigilers who converged at the Lotus restaurant opposite the MBPJ hq where we’ve been ‘Anti-ISA vigiling’ for as long as I can remember, took a decision to put future vigils there on hold until we get a chance to get some clarification from both the Selangor state government as well as from the PJ city councillors.

You see, many of us feel that even as we have come out to show support for the Selangor state government’s declared anti-ISA policy, we have not received the kind of support from the state and PJ authorities that we thought ought to have been forthcoming.

We’ve decided to seek a meeting with both the Selangor state government and the MBPJ and depending on the clarification, if any, that we get, we’ll then decide where we go from there.

So, no vigil at the MBPJ tarmac this week and until further notice. For those who must, however, have the weekend fellowship that we have grown accustomed to, some of us will continue to meet at Lotus from 8pm to ‘keep the fire burning’.

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