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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

THANK YOU Judges for a Fair RPK Hearing

Wednesday, 25 February 2009 10:39 | By Pat Lu, Co-Founder, Pahlawan Volunteers

There is a little light in the pitch dark tunnel after all. On behalf of Pahlawan Volunteers and all Anak Bangsa Malaysia, I thank the Registry of the Federal Court for their assistance in fixing the RPK application on an urgent basis.

Counsel Malik Imtiaz and team filed their application last Friday afternoon and were immediately given a date for the hearing i.e. Monday morning.

We are also grateful to the bench for a fair hearing and for giving ample time and latitude for both parties to make their arguments.

Watch Video: Counsel Malik Imtiaz on RPK's Court Review Hearing

To the members of the bench, please take your time to make the judgment. We will continue to pray that God gives you the wisdom and the clarity to make the right judgment for the sake of our homeland and generations to come.

Frankly, we pray you acquit RPK of all charges hurled at him as soon as possible so that we can all focus and work together to build a better Malaysia at a much faster pace (instead of wasting time attending court hearings). We really have no time to lose.

Deep down in all our hearts we know Raja Petra is no “threat to national security” as perceived by the Home Ministry. We pray that our political leaders, wannabes and authorities emulate RPK instead.

Here is a song, dedicated to the judges, lawyers and Anak Bangsa Malaysia:
Be Strong and Take Courage.

And to our beloved mentor Raja Petra Kamarudin, this picture says it all. View more photos here.


Continue to pray for Divine Intervention. It Aint Over ‘Til It’s Over.

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PAT LU, Co-Founder, Pahlawan Volunteers, a Malaysian Voluntary and Advocacy Group.
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