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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MACC and gang sued for RM50 million

Lawyer Rosli Dahlan has sued 17 parties -- which include the Malaysian government, Utusan Malaysia, MACC and the A-G Chambers -- for alleged defamation, assault and false imprisonment. Let this 20-page document filed in court today tell the story of what Rosli was subjected to at the hands of the government and its officers. Whether he wins his case or not and whether he is awarded the RM50 million damages he is seeking is not crucial. What is would be that Rosli is able to tell his story and expose the MACC/AG and their lackeys for what they really are. And Rosli's story makes most interesting reading indeed. It is almost like a script from a Hollywood movie, except in this case it is real and not make-belief.


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