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Brutal murder of a Mongolian beauty

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Does the picture now become clearer?

Monday, 02 November 2009 22:51

So Musa Hassan put into place a plan to get rid of Ramli Yusuff. And he fabricated charges against Ramli Yusuff so that his successor could be removed. And this would also mean Musa Hassan does not need to retire but can stay on as IGP.


Raja Petra Kamarudin 

“After Tan Sri Rahim (Noor) entered the lockup area, he stopped somewhere near the wooden door. He then lifted his fingers to his lips and raised both his hands to his eyes signalling to the person in front of him.”

“There were police officers standing at the counter. They were ASP Rodwan (Mohd Yusof) and Dato' Ramli (Yusuff). I cannot remember the others. I cannot remember whether there was any response to Tan Sri Rahim’s signal from the officers in front of him.”

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