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Brutal murder of a Mongolian beauty

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Very strange indeed

Nothing much happened after that event. Nobody even came out to say a word. Sure the AG later, much later, made some noise about RPK having to face the music if he cannot prove his allegations but that is so unlike the Malaysian way of handling these things. No? The ISA wasn't pulled out. The police didn't even bother to storm RPK's house and take away his computer. Again. And it took some days before Najib and his Rosmah came out with some limp statements in their own defense. Okay, okay so our dear Prime Minister did say that he didn't believe what RPK alleged or something to that effect la. But who listens to him these days? Wait...somebody just called and told me that he read that Najib has come out and called RPK a liar. Wah! That's all ah? Haven't you and your cronies sent people to Kamunting for much less than what RPK has done? So what happened la dei? . . . more- from another blog

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