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Brutal murder of a Mongolian beauty

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Further to - RPK's BOMBSHELL -

From what has transpired, there is some credibility in the Conspiracy Theory involving the Military, Police, Immigration and the AG office (remember the judge was change and the prosecuting officers was change at the 11th hour). The question now is how far up does it goes. It is now on everyone mind. Comes monday morning, it is quite certain that stock market will melt further and as usual the government companies will come in and prop it up.

Since RPK do not wish to make a police report, shouldn’t anyone else does it? Otherwise the Police will not initiate and investigation. Pak Lah, I appeal to you do the right thing if there is any truth in what RPK has written. This two officers must also come forward and clear their name. It would not be right for anyone to make any kind of accusation against anyone but RPK S/D is just not another writing. Maybe PTD or PAT need to say something as the image of the Armed Forces now is on the balance? . . . from another blog.

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