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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My name is RPK, I am Malaysian, and I am no prostitute

MalaysiaToday 27 March 2009 | Raja Petra Kamarudin | NO HOLDS BARRED

Yes, I am no prostitute. And all those Malays who justify joining Umno for business reasons, and those Chinese and Indians who say they support Barisan Nasional to
cari makan, are worse than prostitutes.

I remember something my late mother once told me back in 1960 or thereabouts: a house is not a home. A home is a house, but a house is not a home.

I was only ten years old then so it took me many years to grasp the wisdom of her words. Today, 48 years on, I now understand what she meant. I have a house. But that house is not my home. And that is because I no longer live in that house since it is in Selangor and I no longer live in Selangor. I am now forced to tumpang in somebody else’s house outside Selangor. But that is not my home. It is someone else’s home. I am just a penumpang, sort of like a pendatang.

I also no longer own a car. I have to take public transport to move around. So I don’t move around anymore since public transport is a hassle, especially in Malaysia that has a primitive public transport system.

Many of my friends tell me they joined Umno for business reasons. My one-time neighbour, a young Malay lawyer, confessed he joined Umno so that he can be assured of getting government contracts. He is a lawyer in Zul Rafique and Co. and an Umno Bukit Bintang youth leader. His purpose for joining Umno is purely economic reasons.

And this goes for many other Malays as well, some of my relatives included. My relatives resent me opposing the government because they are worried that Umno may punish the family for what I am doing. They depend on the government for their livelihood so they do not want me to jeopardise their periuk nasi (rice bowl).

Chinese, too, tell me the same thing. Cari maka mah! They support Barisan Nasional because they need to survive. It’s all about the money. If we oppose the government then we may suffer, economically, they tell me.

Yes, it’s all about the money. Of course, they try to justify their actions by saying they have no choice. They don’t want to support Barisan Nasional. They don’t like supporting Barisan Nasional. But they have no choice but to support Barisan Nasional for the sake of their rice bowl.

To these people they have done no wrong. Okay, it may be immoral for them to support a party they do not believe in. It may be immoral for them to support a party that they actually hate. But they are supporting this party not out of choice. They have no choice in the matter. They are doing it to protect their livelihood.

Prostitutes say the same thing. They open their legs and do blowjobs on their clients not because they are sex-starved or actually enjoy what they are doing. In fact, most prostitutes hate life as a prostitute and hate themselves for doing what they do. But they have no choice. It is not about the pleasure of sex. It is about the necessity of money.

Prostitutes would willingly choose another profession if one was available to them. But they can’t get an honest job for whatever reason, mostly because they lack the education, qualification and skills. So the only option available to them is life as a prostitute.

A house is not a home. That was the title of a movie back in 1960. And the movie was about life as a prostitute. I too live in a house. But that house is not a home. It is someone else’s home. I am just a penumpang. But I am not a prostitute. And it is because I am NOT a prostitute that I now live in a house that is not a home.

But I was offered the opportunity to prostitute myself. One day, some time back, a person by the name of Rusdi Mustaffa who works for Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, called me and said he wanted to meet me. I was then at the Havana Club in the Concord Hotel in Kuala Lumpur enjoying cigars with my friends.

Rusdi arrived way past midnight and we talked. He wanted to know how much I wanted. I did not understand what he meant and told him so. He repeated the question and asked me how much I wanted to stop writing about Najib and Altantuya. Name my price.

The conversation went on for about half an hour, and to cut a long story short, I turned down the offer. The following morning I phoned a certain Chinese Datuk and requested him to make an appointment with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

At 3.00pm, the Chinese Datuk and me, together with my wife, went to Tun Dr Mahathir’s office in Petronas at the Twin Towers where I related what happened the night before. Tun Dr Mahathir joked that I should have asked for RM20 million. “Then you can give me half.”

I never knew Tun Dr Mahathir as being a joker. I told Tun Dr Mahathir I have never received any money either to write or not write an article or expose in Malaysia Today, “Not even from you,” I added as I pointed to the Tun. He just smiled. I wanted the point to be driven home that I am not a prostitute. I think from that day the Tun and I strengthened our respect for each other. I then kissed Tun’s hand and left his office.

Tun Dr Mahathir phoned Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and asked him to go and see Najib. Najib was then in Pekan so Tengku Adnan had to fly to Kuantan and drive down to Pekan. The message from Tun was short and sharp. “Don’t try to buy my boy. I know you tried to buy off Raja Petra.”

Within minutes I received a call from Rusdi. He was angry as hell. “I thought I could trust you. Why did you tell Tun about our meeting last night?” I told him that I told Tun so that Najib can be sent the message that I am not for sale, not for any amount of money. And I wanted no less than Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to deliver this message to Najib, his ‘boy’, which he did through Tengku Adnan.

Yes, I am no prostitute. And all those Malays who justify joining Umno for business reasons, and those Chinese and Indians who say they support Barisan Nasional to cari makan, are worse than prostitutes. I despise them. They are shit. And I have no mercy for these people. They are scum of the earth.

Nothing and I mean nothing can justify you prostituting yourself.

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