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Brutal murder of a Mongolian beauty

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Raja Petra: Abolish the ISA

By Adib Zalkapli

SHAH ALAM, Nov 7 - Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin said the judge's decision to release him shows that there is no justification for his detention under the Internal Security Act.

"I am really glad it's over, but I still got a few more cases which I have to fight over the next few weeks," said Raja Petra referring to the sedition charge he is facing for implying that Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was involved in the murder of a Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Earlier, Justice Syed Ahmad Helmy Syed Ahmad ruled that the Home Minister acted outside his powers in having Raja Petra arrested on Sept 12, and the grounds given for his detention were insufficient.

The judge ordered that Raja Petra be brought to the court no later than 4pm, for him to be released.

As Raja Petra walked to the courtroom, he was greeted with shouts of 'RPK' from dozens of his supporters, who came in t-shirts with the word "I am with RPK" printed on them, to celebrate his release.

Raja Petra was brought to the court at 3.15pm and the judge praised the prison authorities for its professionalism.

Lawyer Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, who represents Raja Petra, also told the court that he is thankful to the authorities for promptly producing his client.

The Malaysian Insider understands that Raja Petra left the Kamunting detention camp in Perak around 11.30am.

At about 3.30pm Syed Ahmad Helmy ordered the release of Raja Petra, however there was no order from the judge not too re-arrest him.

Malik later told reporters there was no reason to ask the court to order the authorities not to rearrest Raja Petra as it is very unlikely for it to happen.

In 2001, the same court ordered the release of Reformasi activists N. Gobalakrishnan and Ghani Haroon, and ordered the authorities not to re-arrest the duo, as there was heavy police presence around the court.

Raja Petra's wife Marina Lee said she is happy with the court's decision but did not expect her husband to be released.

"The country is changing and I hope that this change will continue," she said while waiting for Raja Petra's arrival at the court.

She was also confident that her husband would not be rearrested.

Raja Petra who was garlanded as he walked out of the courtroom as a free man, was arrested for allegedly causing racial tension and insulting Islam through his writings.

"We have to fight all out and get the ISA abolished," said Raja Petra on the struggle to abolish the act that allows for detention without trial. He added that he would continue to write for his website.

Raja Petra was first arrested under the ISA in 2001 for his involvement in the Reformasi movement, but he was released after 53 days.

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